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Cedar Valley Gymnastics Academy (CVGA) takes pride in our experienced coaching staff and small gymnast-to-coach ratio. Each gymnast receives individualized attention and instruction based on the techniques used by some of the USA's greatest gymnasts.

Cedar Valley Gymnastics Academy

Congratulations to our JO girls team at Regionals:

Sydney: 5th beam
Taylor: 4th vault
Madelyn: 5th vault, 3rd bars, 5th beam, 3rd floor, 2nd all around
Ashton: 6th vault, 9th bars
Grace: 4th vault
Lauren: 5th bars

Also, congratulations to Madelyn on making it to Nationals in Spokane, WA!
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Good luck to our 6 regional qualifiers this weekend in Green Bay, WI: Sydney, Taylor, Madelyn, Ashton, Lauren and Grace! ... See MoreSee Less

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Amy Jo McCausland GreveGood luck and have fun!2 weeks ago
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People Try Gymnastics For The First Time

Good luck to all of our Xcel and boys team gymnasts competing at their state meet this weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

Do you guys have toddler classes? My daughter will be two very soon and I was wanting to get her in some classes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Iowa Gymnest Meet places for our optional gymnasts:

Avery: 5th on vault, 3rd on bars, 5th all around
Rylie: 4th on vault, 3rd on bars, 3rd on beam, 4th on floor, 3rd all around
Nevaeh: 1st on vault, 5th on bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd on floor, and 1st all around
Bailey: 1st on vault, 9th on beam
Kacie: 5th on vault
Anna: 4th on bars
Ashton: 2nd on vault, 1st on bars, 5th on floor, 4th all around
Madelyn: 6th on vault and beam, 7th on floor, 9th all around
Olivia: 7th on bars, 4th on beam, 8th on floor, 7th all around
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Milwaukee Harley Meet Results:

Bailey- 4th on vault and floor
Anna- 3rd on bars
Rylee- 2nd on bars
Lauren- 6th on vault, 1st on bars and floor, 5th all around
Grace- 5th on vault, 4th on bars, beam and all around
Ashton- 5th on bars, 3rd on beam, 7th all around
Olivia- 5th on bars, 4th on beam, 7th on floor, 5th all around
Madelyn- 3rd on vault, 4th on bars, 6th on beam and floor, 3rd all around
Sydney- 2nd on beam and floor
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We had the following 1st places at the Wisconsin Dells meet this weekend:

Grace- vault
Ashton- vault, bars, beam and all around

Also, 3rd place from our level 8 team and 8th from our level 7 team!

Congratulations to our other placers:

Sydney- 4th on bars, 2nd on beam, and 4th all around
Taylor- 3rd on beam, 4th all around
Madelyn- 6th on vault, 7th on bars, 5th on beam, 5th all around
Olivia- 4th on bars, 1st on beam, 7th all around
Lauren- 6th on vault and bars, 8th on floor, and 10th all around
Grace- 1st on vault, 4th on bars, 6th on beam, 3rd on floor and 5th all around
Ashton- 1st on vault, bars, beam and all around, 8th on floor
Rylee- 8th on vault, 7th on bars
Anna- 4th on bars
Alex- 7th on vault and bars, 8th on beam and 9th all around
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